Pamela Anderson


My artwork is the most intimate conversation I have with the world. I love to create visual poems that allow connections in an intellectual experience that is common to us all. I use brushes, and a variety of taping knives and scraping tools to make marks on canvas. My process is fluid, guided by intuition, which is presented by the honesty of the materials within layers of paint. I love to create vibrant works with line, shape, form, and color.

The scale of my work and the boldness in mark making aid in a self-expression that empowers me. I am working to invent a signature that expands on the foundation of abstraction.  It is a space where I explore voice: I am a soft-spoken, Midwestern woman on the outside, but when I am painting, I realize I am anything but quiet.



Known for bold, colorful strokes and gestural movement, Milwaukee, Wisconsin – artist, Pamela Anderson, brings a modern dimension to her Abstract works. She applies paint in vibrant colors, allowing creations to emerge spontaneously. Her paintings and sculptures are often untitled which allows her work to be experienced with open interpretation by the viewer.  She is a full time artist, an Affiliate and Managing Director of Material Studios + Gallery. In 2016 she was awarded the title of Pfister Artist in Residence at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for its 8th Program Year.

She is a strong advocate of the arts, active in local organizations including Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) where she held the Executive Position of President 2012-2018 and Board Chair from May, 2019 to present.